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(Science Technology Engineering Art Math)

Fostering an interest and joy in STEAM subjects in childhood has countless, lifelong benefits, like enhanced problem-solving, creative thinking, collaboration, logic and math abilities, as well as greater confidence!

From creating reactions and mixtures, to building simple structures and machines, to integrating technology through coding and simple robotics - these classes are full of questioning, hypothesizing, experimentation, and reflection!

With content based on real-life problems and the children's ideas and interests, and processes inspired by the Scientific Method, children are active participants in hands-on experiences, which encourage critical and creative thinking, curiosity, and wonder! 

Price: $30 + hst -  1 hour, weekly

See Schedule

All materials included

No additional registration fees

Program A - Ages 4-10

Program B - Ages 7-14

*These are rough age groupings with some allowance for exceptions. Contact us if you have questions!

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn"
- Benjamin Franklin

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