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Experience everything we have to offer!


Whether your child has a variety of interests, or isn't sure what they're into yet, this 5 day Exploring the Arts Program has something for everyone! 

With each day spent on a new art, this program is packed with fun games and activities, exciting arts materials, opportunities to try a variety of instruments, and so much more! Our qualified instructors are committed to creating a safe, fun, and engaging environment where your child will build their communication and teamwork abilities, as well as improve their creative thinking, problem solving, and confidence!


This program is specifically designed to be a fun place for children to explore the arts, share their ideas, move around, laugh and play! And though we have planned our days around learning interesting concepts and exploring new ideas - this is not school! No more sitting quietly, being talked at, doing homework and being tested -

let's move and groove and have some FUN!

Price: $150 + HST

An hour and a half a day for 5 days (Mon-Fri)

Includes all materials! No additional fees. 

Recommended for ages 6-12!

Choose a week and a time slot!




What better way to start the week than by creating experiments, working with concepts such as speed and gravity, and collaborating with others to build structures and test their own ideas!



A chance to get their hands on our huge instrument collection! From guitars and ukuleles to drums and shakers, Tuesdays are a noisy day filled with games, music theory, and so much more!



Using the free online program Scratch, our experienced instructors will guide the group in exploring the world of block-based coding! We can create anything from arcade-style games to silly animations that are sure to give your child a new perspective on video games!

Art & Mixed Media


We have tons of amazing arts materials ready to be transformed into something amazing! Without worry of a mess or grades, children have unlimited possibilities in what they choose to create!

Drama & Theatre


Our final day is spent exploring character building, puppetry, movement, and so much more! A super fun send-off to end an amazing week!