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Your young one will love the variety of music activities we have packed into this fun program! They will enjoy playing to the beat of their own drums and exploring a wide range of percussion instruments, singing new songs and ones they know, and dancing and moving to different music and sounds!


Your child will not only have a fun time exploring different aspects of music, but they will also have a chance to socialize, spend time with their grown-up, and begin building early skills in music such as tempo, rhythm, and ear-training!

This is a pre-registered drop-in program, meaning you can sign up for multiple weeks, or just once, or once in a while! 

Price: $15 (including hst) -  25 minutes, weekly

Begins in January 2023

See Schedule

Recommended for

infants & toddlers

Must be accompanied by an adult

All materials included

No additional registration fees

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