Image by Dragos Gontariu


No arts experience or particular skills required for children to love the open-endedness of this program! Each week, we provide a variety of new and exciting materials for children to explore and create with. Without worry of mess, expectations, or grades, children can create anything from pictures and designs, to models and practical items, and anything in-between!


Inspiration is provided to spark new ideas weekly for those who appreciate a jump-off point, but this is truly a time for children to use their own ideas and embrace that the sky is the limit! This program encourages curiosity and creativity by provoking hypothesizing, questioning, and exploration of the qualities of materials, all while sharing ideas with new friends and making art that they can leave on display or take home!  

*This program is not the same as formal visual arts or drawing lessons, but is instead focused on exploration of materials, experimentation of children's own ideas, and of course, fun!

Price: $30 + hst -  1 hour, weekly   

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All materials included.

No additional registration fee (for any of our programs!)

Recommended for ages 5 and up.


We are a process and fun-focused centre!

Our goals are rooted in cultivating a joy of learning and love for the arts, and therefore

we do not believe in sacrificing fun for outcomes. 


Our goal is always to help children toward improvement and learning, but the way and rate in which we do that will look different for each child. If using a specific resource or activity is not enjoyable to them, then we will find a different way! This will look different for every child based on their own specific goals, needs, and interests. 

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