Happy Circle


Children will explore the world of drama and theatre in fun and exciting ways! This program incorporates a wide range of key skills and concepts such as improvisation, acting, movement, character development, script writing and much more, using techniques from world-renowned innovators such as Augusto Boal, Dorothy Heathcote and Viola Spolin.

Goals and learning are individualized to each child’s needs and aspirations, and the group setting provides an ensemble for children to collaborate with and learn from one another!


With the potential for performances, collaborations in the community, and so much more, this program supports children’s growth in their self-confidence, social skills, creative thinking, and joy for learning!  

Price: $30 + hst -  1 hour, weekly   

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All materials included

No additional registration fee (for any of our programs!)

Program A - Ages 5-10  

Program B - Ages 10-14

Program C - 15+ 

*These are rough age groupings with some allowance for exceptions. Contact us if you have questions!


We are a process and fun-focused centre!

Our goals are rooted in cultivating a joy of learning and love for the arts, and therefore

we do not believe in sacrificing fun for outcomes. 


Our goal is always to help children toward improvement and learning, but the way and rate in which we do that will look different for each child. If using a specific resource or activity is not enjoyable to them, then we will find a different way! This will look different for every child based on their own specific goals, needs, and interests.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, Contact Us today!

Our Drama Program thanks Drama Notebook for their fantastic collection of plays for kids and teens.