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Fostering an interest and joy in STEAM subjects in childhood has countless, lifelong benefits. This program offers a mixture of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, and is jam packed with fun! Each day presents new opportunities for questioning, experimenting, and reflection using a variety of materials and situations - and the children's own ideas!

This program is so much more than slime-making and baking soda volcanoes, and is definitely not a school-style, "sit and listen" type of experience. Our group brainstorm sessions, where children determine their own questions and map their own ways to find their answers, makes this program a place where children can build not only their knowledge, but also their confidence, problem-solving skills, and collaboration abilities!

With processes inspired by the Scientific Method, children are active participants in hands-on experiences which encourage both critical and creative thinking, curiosity, experimentation, and so much more! 

Price: $30 + hst -  1 hour, weekly

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All materials included

No additional registration fee (for any of our programs!)

Program A - Ages 5-12

Program B - Ages 7-14

*These are rough age groupings with some allowance for exceptions. Contact us if you have questions!


We are a process and fun-focused centre!

Our goals are rooted in cultivating a joy of learning and love for the arts, and therefore

we do not believe in sacrificing fun for outcomes. 


Our goal is always to help children toward improvement and learning, but the way and rate in which we do that will look different for each child. If using a specific resource or activity is not enjoyable to them, then we will find a different way! This will look different for every child based on their own specific goals, needs, and interests. 

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