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From beginner to advanced, we offer one-on-one instruction on your instrument with an experienced and enthusiastic music teacher. Material covered in a lesson can include anything from warm-ups and scales, theory, notation, learning songs of your choice, music games and much more.


Private music lessons are re-invented here! Moving away from rigid, one-note method books and repetitive homework sheets, and instead using personalized materials, learning songs that the player knows and wants to learn, playing exciting games, and so much more. We aim to make music FUN, which is why each lesson is individualized to the level, goals, and interests of each learner.

Not sure what instrument to choose?


Why commit to just one? Multiple instruments can be learned with the same instructor at no extra cost!

Don't have an instrument at home?


That's okay! We have extras here. We completely understand wanting to try it out for a while before committing to buying your own!

"What is the right age to learn?"

We currently have students from 2 to 80 years old! You are never too old or young to learn a new skill, pick up a new hobby, or appreciate music! 

Lessons are available Sundays - Thursdays

- All levels, all ages! -

Instruments Offered for Private Lessons: 


  • Piano 

  • Guitar 

  • Ukulele 

  • Bass 

  • Drums 

In-Person Lessons:

$30, 1/2 hour, weekly


Virtual Lessons:

$25, 1/2 hour, weekly

(Zoom or Microsoft Teams)

"Music can Change
the World"

- Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Not sure? You may also want to check out our 

Group Music Program: weekly, hour-long music classes where we experiment with a variety of instruments, play fun games, dance, create songs, and explore basic music theory!

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