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Take home the memories; leave the mess with us!

What We Provide:

  • A fully decorated space (your child gets to pick the decoration colours!)

  • Excited instructors leading the group in 1 hour of fun arts activities (options below)

  • Tables and use of the space for an additional hour for cake, snacks, presents, etc.

  • Gift bags for all children attending, plus a small gift for the birthday child

  • E-invitations to send to guests (can also be printed)

  • Complete clean-up afterwards!

*We do not provide food of any kind, though you are welcome to bring your own. Plates, napkins, cutlery, cups, and tablecloths are provided by us.*

Total Time: 2 Hours 

Guests arrive

Up to 1 hour of activities

Then up to 1 hour for food, cake, and gifts

Arts Activities Options:

Choose 1-2 from the list below.

See Group Programs for more details on each!




Art & Craft

STEAM (Science)

Sensory (Infant/Toddler Parties)

NEW! Karaoke

Specific activities are based on age, group size, number/types of activities chosen, etc. Requests can be made for specific activities, including ones that match your child's interests, or the party's theme if you have one.


$200 + hst for up to 6 children

$15 + hst for every additional child, max 20 total

Ready to book? Have questions?

Fill out our Registration Form and we will contact you!

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