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Would your child benefit from one-on-one tutoring or homework help? In-between classes and birthdays, our centre is transformed into a supportive study space to help with whatever subject(s) your child needs to work on. This time is aimed to best support your child and family, so that they can have the rest of their after-school time to do the things they enjoy!

We use hands-on materials to help make learning fun, and always approach each session with positivity, encouragement, and patience. Individual tutoring is a great way to receive help that is engaging and personalized - so that your child can learn in ways that work for them! 


Small group-sessions are also available. Gather siblings or friends together for a study group at a discounted rate!

Price: $30/child (1 hour, weekly)

Recommended ages 5 - 15

Contact us for availability!

"Practice Makes Progress"

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