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Your young one will love the variety of music activities we have packed into this fun program! They will enjoy playing to the beat of their own drums and exploring a wide range of percussion instruments, singing songs they know, and dancing and moving to different music and sounds!


Your child will not only have a fun time exploring different aspects of music, but they will also have a chance to socialize, spend time with their grown-up, and begin building early skills in music such as tempo, rhythm, and ear-training!

This is a pre-registered drop-in program, meaning you can sign up for multiple weeks, or just once, or once in a while! 

Price: $15 (including hst) -  20 minutes, weekly

Begins in January 2023

Must be accompanied by an adult

All materials included

No additional registration fee (for any of our programs!)


Recommended ages 1-4


We are a process and fun-focused centre!

Our goals are rooted in cultivating a joy of learning and love for the arts, and therefore

we do not believe in sacrificing fun for outcomes. 

We do not always follow a specific format/stream of music education (ie. Royal Conservatory), as we are committed to individualizing each child's experience for optimal joy, learning, and positive attitudes toward music.

Our goal is always to help children toward improvement and learning, but the way and rate in which we do that will look different for each child. If using a specific resource or activity is not enjoyable to them, then we will find a different way! This will look different for every child based on their own specific goals, needs, and interests.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, Contact Us today!